Does Your Cashout Solution Provide All of This?

Our industry leading cashout solution is packed with features you'll need to take your sportsbook to the next level. Give your customers a more dynamic and exciting Cash Out experience and improve your margins at the same time. Our solution:

  • Covers the widest range of markets and betting types whilst maintaining a high Cash Out availability.
  • Uses intelligent margin management algorithms to provide you with real-time dynamic margins.
  • Gives you full control over your offers with an extensive set of configuration parameters.
  • Is applicable across all distribution channels; Online, Mobile, Retail and Terminals.
Extensive Bet/Market Type Coverage

Support for Asian markets (all handicaps covered) and American bet types.

Automated Book Balancing

Automated algorithms align cash out and features within your existing system and manage pricing strategies reactively.

Probability Tools

Ensure cash out and market availability even when odds and probabilities are not otherwise available.


Our solution is not tied to any one particular betting platform and uses well-tested APIs and messaging queues to ensure high-levels of compatibility.

Cash out and Partial Cash out Support

• Support of Single Bets, Multiple Bets and System Bets across all market types.
• Algorithms which dynamically and intelligently manage your margins.
• Algorithms and tools to obfuscate your cash out margin.
• Improve cash out experience by offering visual representations of pricing of the history of the market.
• Adjust margins for partial vs full cash out.

Stop-Loss and Secured Win

• Let players set limits to trigger automatic cash out tied to the bet's stake or scoreline of the event.
• Player can configure stop-loss and secure-win limits at any time during the course of the bet's lifetime.
• Configure your own margins based upon stop-losses and secured-wins.


• Allow players to cash-out and directly re-place the value on any other available market.
• Re-bet from any market type to another market type.
• Allow players to add additional stake to a cashed-out bet when re-betting.
• Give incentives such as offering improved re-bet prices than a direct cash-out.

Accumulators (Edit your bet)

• Allow players to level-up and add another leg to the bet. Available for multiple bets across all markets.
• Allow players to level-down and remove a leg from the bet. Available for multiple bets across all markets.
• Allow players to add additional stake when editing their bet.
• Full control and flexibility over the level-down margin.

Graphically Represent Cashout Values

Enhance the cash out experience for your customers by offering visuals of market price changes and cashout value changes over time. Our solution offers you the APIs necessary to plot and graphically show the change in price.

Stability and Performance

The technology underpinning the system is built upon a high-performance distributed system. Downtime is effectively mitigated and reduced latency obtaining cash out values.

Existing Margin Maker 2 user?

Our solution is tested against Margin Maker 2. Use our adaptors to easily integrate system to system.