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Netshell builds upon cash-out success with JackTime deal

Netshell has announced a partnership with JackTime Sarl to extend their current cash-out system with new features from JackTime's BETCORE platform and offer Margin Maker 2 compatibility for customers wishing to integrate with the new combined system.

This new exciting development offers to produce a best-in-market solution which will work almost out of the box for MM2 clients. JackTime's BETCORE platform is an innovative approach to building a best in market solution for cash-out offering advanced features including stop-loss, auto cash-out, visual representations of the market history as well as a whole range of benefits to the operator who can fine tune their margins and manage risk effectively.

Netshell brings it's in-depth knowledge of the Margin Maker 2 platform and intends to develop an integration toolkit to ease any existing MM2 customer to use the new cash-out solution and all of it's features and benefits.

The solution is not limited to the Margin Maker 2 platform, however, and is flexible enough for integration at any level. It is already seeing use across a wide range of operators who are operating their own bespoke platform solution.

For more information on the complete product, see our information page.

Alternatively contact us at hello@netshell.co.uk.


Drew Durkin
Drew Durkin, Director

Hello from the Managing Director at Netshell. I'm a software consultant, leader and strategist with over 20 years experience and a proven track record in delivering high-capacity, low-latency and fault tolerant solutions.