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Netshell prepares for the apocalypse

As part of our end of summer away day we all got out of the office for some brain storming activities. The first part of our session was to discuss the company values agreed in April's away day​ and using them, create a mission statement. We did this task as a team, individually sharing success stories over our time at Netshell to facilitate a discussion on what we as a team consider important for the company's success.

For the second half of the morning session, which was a technical challenge, we split into two teams. Each team was given graph paper, a pen and a laptop. The laptops were loaded with a puzzle solving activity, and each team needed to work out the answer of the puzzle before to unlock the next task.

It was very competitive! 

In the afternoon, we all headed deep into the New Forest for a bush craft session in the woods. Our guide set out two tasks; build a shelter that will fit the team inside and make a fire. To build the shelters, we split into two teams again and started building. Both teams took very different approaches, but both came out with brilliant shelters that will keep us warm and dry in the event of an apocalypse. Once we were both satisfied with our new homes, we met back up with the other team and started building fires!

We finished the day by gathering around our newly built fire pit and enjoyed a hot cuppa.

Looking to join a company that values it's team members and join us on our next away day? Drop us an email with your CV and a covering note.

Danielle Stevenson
Danielle Stevenson, Operations Manager

I am the Operations Manager at Netshell responsible for managing the day-to-day work streams and keeping our fantastic team of coders coordinated with client needs and company goals.