What can we do for you?

We bring the development and implementation of flexible, scaleable and efficient systems through our varied knowledge across a number of sectors and make this knowledge and expertise available on a consultancy basis for software architecture, project management, bespoke development and training.

The people behind Netshell have been involved in building bespoke systems for market-leading and household names since the late 1990s. Our expertise and experience means we can not only advise on complex issues, but also define the right balance between immediate functionality and long-term scalability.

We have designed and delivered the high transaction web fixed-odds betting platforms of some of the UK's major bookmakers and integrated with many of the industries well known games and payment solution providers.

We apply our knowledge to build bespoke solutions where there is a client's need for high-throughput, low-latency real time transactions and content management needs.

Our development and project management methodologies are based upon AGILE and, specifically the better combination of either Kanban or Extreme Programming (XP), ensuring the client maintains high and early visibility of ongoing development. It also allows close involvement directly between the developers and the client and mitigates risk.

As we are not dependent on one particular technology vendor, our capabilities allow us to deliver the solution that is most suited to you, selecting the most appropriate database, middleware, software language and framework depending on your project and current in-house systems.

How do we work?

Concept Creation

We’ll work alongside you to understand your business problem / opportunity, and the current business processes which this involves.


Together, we’ll develop the software requirements, and determine any potential business process improvements which could also help you reach your goal.


We’ll develop mock-ups and documentation of the proposed system. You can evaluate this and if applicable, the prospective look and feel of your software.


Using the optimal technologies, we’ll develop and test to specification, incrementally adding features to ensure that it adheres to the requirements and is consistent with the prototype.

Once delivered, we will continue to manage the platform or support you to the scale you require. We will also monitor the software and suggest any performance enhancements and ensure we inform you of any updates required.