Web Development

Netshell specialises in developing reliable yet creative web development solutions. Ensuring that your businesses requirements are met without compromising your corporate identity. Our web development solutions are completely scalable, catering for both complex and simple website requirements.

We only use the latest Internet technologies available to develop our online solutions, making sure your web solution is not only completely stable in all browsers, meet the necessary W3C standards and accessibly guidelines, but a good measure of longevity too.

Designing exceptional websites that are both functional and inspiring is what our services are all about and we believe that we are are able to advise and provide an all-in-one package which includes eye catching design work, a content management system and relevant hosting solutions. Most importantly we believe that web sites and applications should provide real value to your customers which means integration, where necessary, with your back-office systems.

Whatever the ultimate goal, we aim to deliver scalability but take a sensible approach to advise what is the most acceptable cost vs return on your investment. This will enable you to choose the level of web development implementation that your business and your budget are most comfortable with.

The development strategies we employ provide a combination of business research and technical expertise, ensuring that your website meets your immediate goals and continues to adapt and stay ahead of your competitors.

This structured approach to web development has additional benefits such as providing you with a robust solution without over-engineering which would mean inefficiency and worst of all incur spiraling maintenance costs your  business can't afford.

Content Management

A successful enterprise in the global internet economy demands effective online information management. An integrated content management system will enable you to drive your online business in way that is deliberate and organised.

Our all-in-one service involves the design, development, hosting and content management facilities for your new or next website. It ensures that we can streamline your business' communication channels to facilitate online administration in an information-orientated way. Content management systems are online applications that are used for processing, generating, organising and gathering information.

Using a suitable content management system, as well as any appropriate backoffice integrations, we will give you the freedom to keep your customer facing website and portals fresh and relevant, freeing you to devote your time and resources in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Content management systems generally vary in complexity and at Netshell we believe we have found the ability to give you the perfect balance between satisfying the unique requirements of your business, yet maintain consistency and ease-of-use throughout the application.

Maintain content of your website through the use of a WYSIWYG editor, similar as to what you would use in the well known Microsoft Word application. The editor can be limited to specific styles and colours to maintain your website’s aesthetic look and feel.

Ensure your content meets your policies, use the in-built workflow to authorise content before it goes live, and create and manage your own users assigning roles such as content editor, content publishers and even content translators to make your website multi-lingual.

Manage the structure and navigation of your website too, and maintain a database of assets such as images and downloadable documents.

Require that some of your users register and login to download these assets, or even access parts of your website. The choice and possibilities are endless and limited only to the scale of your requirements!